Environment & Society

Safety & Environment

In Total, safety comes before everything else. Our overarching goal is to build a positive safety culture where everyone in the organization, including our contractors, accepts that:
- Good safety performance is good business and reflects good overall management.
- All accidents are preventable.
The main key in our approach is the personal and visible commitment of management to act in the context of Total Group policies and practices, the local circumstances as well as the laws and regulations of the country where we operate. To prevent undesirable events that may put our neighbors or assets at risk, we have a safety program driven by management to continuously improve standards and facilities in an integrated and structured manner. The other important key is the active involvement of all staff and contractors having a clear understanding of the risks in our activities and the right attitude to do what is right  at all times.
What we do lies at the intersection of two of the greatest challenges facing the world today and tomorrow - energy supply and environmental protection. Our responsibility as an energy producer is to meet both of these challenges as best we can and in a sustainable way. In practical terms, that means managing both our operations and energy use and offering our customers ways to do the same. More important, it also means developing an energy model that combines fossil fuels with low-carbon energy sources, to satisfy energy demand without interruption while at the same time protecting the environment. 

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