Marketing & Services

Sky Total   
Our Marketing & Services business segment supplies and markets petroleum products and provides associated services, through service stations for cars and trucks and general retail operations for automotive fuels, fuel oil, lubricants, LPG, asphalt, special fluids and other products.
Marketing & Services, Close to the Customer Worldwide
The Marketing & Services business segment markets our refined products. Our products and services are tailored to our various markets and designed to meet the requirements of our customers. 
Total reorganized in 2012. The synergies among our different business segments have been realigned to optimize their efficiency and profitability. The Marketing & Services business segment groups all of Total’s marketing and supply activities to meet our customers’ requirements for petroleum products and associated services. 
An Assertive Marketing Business
Total’s Marketing & Services business segment supplies and markets petroleum products and provides associated services. It covers: 
 • Retail activities through service stations, for light vehicles and trucks. 
 • General retail activities involving automotive fuels, biofuels, home heating oil and heavy fuel oil, lubricants, LPG, asphalt, aviation fuel, additives and special fuels, and special fluids
As our marketing business, the Marketing & Services business segment is developing its activities in line with several objectives. We aim to maintain our commercial competitiveness, consolidate our positions in mature regions and step up our expansion in growth markets. We continuously adapt our high-profile, assertive product and service lineups through innovation and a clear understanding of the specific needs of our broad array of customers, who include consumers, automakers and manufacturers. 
In 2011, our petroleum product sales averaged 3.6 million barrels per day. 
An International Retail Network
Total’s service station network comprises more than 15,000 retail outlets and serves around 3 million customers daily
Marketing & Services’ products and services are available in more than 150 countries
 • Total is the number one marketer in Africa with a 14% market share. 
 • We are also a top-tier automotive fuel marketer in Europe, with 9,400 service stations in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. 
 • We are present in some 20 countries in the Asia-Pacific region and another 20 in North and South America, mainly marketing specialty products such as lubricants, LPG and special fluids.